Why Peace Corps?

First lemme just give you a brief synopsis of what PC DR is about, for those of you who might not know: (This comes straight from here if you want to read more)

Peace Corps has been working in the Dominican Republic since 1962 assisting organizations and communities in implementing sustainable projects that will improve the quality of life of disadvantaged Dominicans, develop the future of their families and communities, and ultimately contribute to the positive development of the Dominican Republic.
With nearly 200 volunteers and numerous staff members living and working in the Dominican Republic, Peace Corps has been effectively helping to promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the people served and also helping to promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.

So, why, you ask?

Because I would like to have a little more to show for my twenties than a punched timecard from corporate America and liver damage. I'm ready to let go of material things for a little bit and really dedicate myself to something selfless, challenging and much bigger than me.
More than anything, I don't want to look back and wish I would have done it when I had the opportunity. 

I have the rest of my life to dedicate to a normal career (ha, what does that even mean?). At this moment I have absolutely nothing to lose - and everything to gain. 

What about my job?

I left. Well I mean as I write this I'm sitting at my desk at Big Dutchman, but I gave my tearful notice on Monday. Don't get me wrong, I love my job here and I work with some extraordinary people. A boss, supervisor and coworkers who are like family to me- which I never expected. Who knows, maybe I'm not done with this industry...and actually I hope I'm not. At the end of the day, the Peace Corps is an experience that I want for me, a new chapter for the next 27 months of my life.  

Can you visit?

Of course! But not til after training and 3 months of living on site. So that puts you around October of 2013, for your vacation planning info. 

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