Peace Corps Packing List

Reeeeemixxxxxx! Almost one year in country and I'm gonna add my personal commentary/edits. 
Dominicans look good, like all the time. You aren't camping for two years. 
Keep in mind I'm a business volunteer and I live in a larger pueblo so my clothes may be a bit different than yours but my philosophy in life is that you can NEVER be overdressed. 

Ya lo sabes. 

Oh also buy the insurance for your stuff. I had EVERYTHING stolen from me. 

Alright here is what I'm bringing with me, for all of you future PCVs and those of you who have asked how I'm going to pack for two years... :)

Dakine Rolling Duffel- 5480 in3- check
LL Bean Large Duffel- check- This was dumb. Rolling suitcases all the way!
Mountain Hardware Hiker's Backpack- carry on- I personally NEVER use this. When volunteers use these they get picked out as foreigners right away, which can make you a target. Not my favorite feeling. Instead I had my parents send me my large Vera Bradley duffel but a smaller roller suitcase would have been my best bet. Whatever it is, needs to be durable!!
Longchamp Best idea ever. I brought a new one down after I went home for Christmas. Ladies, if you don't know now ya know. Check it out here.

Techy Stuff
Iphone- charger, armband, cases, life proof case LIFEPROOF CASE SOO NECESSARY
Macbook- charger, external hardrive, cables, new battery
Camera- charger, extra battery, case Not necessary. I use my Iphone as my camera here. 
Ipad- charger and case
Portable speakers Bring good ones, preferable bluetooth!
Solar charger for USB devices meh. 
Surge Protector Lost it but I'm gonna buy a new one. Better yet, bring one that has multiple plugs AND USB ports. 

Misc. Items
Yoga Mat
Alarm Clock
Headlamp Bring 2.
Water bottle
Duct tape
Set of quick-dry towels
Normal bath towel
Towel wrap Love my towel wrap. 
Dr. Bronners soap
Laundry bag
Solar shower** If I have room...
Baby wipes
Stain sticks-tide and clorox
Pics of friends and fam YES
Yellow fabric thingy from The Island School for decoration
Art supplies- sketchbook, pencils, colored pencils, embroidery floss (for bracelets), beads

Diva cup. If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask. It's literally the only thing I'll ever use now. 
Travel size toiletries
Start up supply of soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair products and dry shampoo
Hair Dryer
Curling Iron
6-12 month supply of make-up, waterproof mascara
Nail Polish (I have limited myself to 4 colors) I now have more than 40 colors in my collection. 
Remover pads

Sunglasses-3 pr
Jewelry Not expensive tho. Like cheap F21 or H&m stuff. I brought all of mine in one of those hanging roll up thingies. Also great to have here. 
Pink F21 bag
Black wristlet
Mint crossbody bag OR small black Longchamp- TBD Crossbody bag all the way. Make sure whatever you bring zips!

Bras- 4 regular 2 sports
Underwear x20
Layering tanks-4 (black, white, red, nude)
Swimsuits-3 mix and match
2 coverups
1 beach towel
I now have like 15 swimsuits here. And at least 5 coverups. I brought a large, good quality beach towel here and it has served me well. 

Casual/work dresses- 7 These are more like capital/meeting dresses. Getting on a moto in a dress is not my fave. 

Going out dresses- 2 Now more like 4...

Jeans- 2, 1 pr reg 1 pr green Skinny jeans. the tighter the better.

Black jeans- 2 pr

Cropped dress pants-3
Linen pants
Leggings-2 Now more like 5. Printed leggings!!!
Skirts for work- 3
Skirts/shorts for outside work-6, needs to be more like 4
Work sleeveless shirts-9
Casual tanks-4
tee shirts- 6
long sleeve shirts-2
Cardis- 5
Like I said. You're not camping for 2 years. Bring cute stuff and if it's cute and you don't have to iron, even better. GUYS::::::: Collared shirts are a must. Polos, short sleeve and a couple long sleeve. 

sleep/workout shirts-2 tanks 3 tees
1 zip up, puma half zip
socks- 8pr Umm not necessary. 
tempos- 3pr
Workout pants-1
sleep clothes- 3pr shorts, 2pr pants

Shoes shoes shoes
nike running shoes
converse Should have brought 2 pair. Love love love my converse. 
cute sandals- 5 pr I brought 6 more pairs from target. 
chacos Okay. I personally do not wear my chacos. They aren't really my style as I am not super crunchy. And Dominicans do not wear them. 
shower flip flops x 2 Def bring 2 or 3 pairs of rubber flip flops. Havaianas are the best quality. 
closed toe flats- 1 I now have 3 or 4 pairs here. Good for meetings and work. 

Stuff I had sent/brought to me:
Kitchen aid frying pan
True Religion Jeans
Sandals from Target
Queen fitted sheets
1 flat sheet 
2 pillow cases
Christmas lights
Nice candles, soaps and lotions 
nail polish
Rechargeable Lantern***** So great. 

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