Monday, August 12, 2013

Fashion in the DR

This is quite possibly the longest I've let a blog concept marinate. Dominican fashion. Whereeeee do I even start? 

Dominicans are very much into looking nice all the time. They bathe at least twice a day and are very conscious of their clothing. If someone likes something you're wearing, they'll definitely tell you. Or ask to buy it from you. 

Dominican fashion do's:
Skinny jeans (colored too)
Jeans with intricate detail on the pockets
White pants
Linen, especially all linen outfits 
Bright and tight
Monochromatic outfits
Glitter (even better if its on your jeans)
Leggings (even better if they're printed)
Sleeveless button ups 
High waisted jeans or shorts 
Tight skirts 
Brightly colored flats 
Big earrings and cute jewelry
Nail art
Glasses of all kinds

How about those tights?! Also please note it was over a hundred degrees that day. 

And for the tigueres (guys):
Polo shirts, pronounced "poloshert" in Spanish in all varieties. Hollister, Abercrombie, polo, etc. the brighter the better. 
Jeans with no rips or stains. Nicely pressed and preferably with lots of detail on the pockets. 
Socks with flip flops. Why? No idea. 
Nice loafers, boat shoes or tennies 
Intricate long sleeve shirts with lots of detail
Overly tight clothing 

This is my friend Sam's boyfriend Damaso! 

Dominican fashion don'ts 
Baggy jeans
Big tee shirts
Dirty clothes
Rubber flip flops
Any kind of pajamas
Shorts with white tennies and socks 
Exercise clothing (unless you're going to work out) 
Unkept hair (another post coming on hair)

Basically the only time to look semi dressed down is if you're doing hard labor outside or going to the beach. No exceptions. And there's no such thing as being overdressed. Ever. 

In my community, the young men work to buy clothes. "Pinta" as we call it here is something taken very seriously. Any given Sunday night the young men are dressed to the nines to go to church, walk around in the community or go play dominos. I've seen some better pinta here in Bombita than in the capital. And that's saying something. 

The beach is a whole different animal. Most Dominicans are not into getting in the ocean, so they prefer to go to the river. If you are invited to go to the river, this does not mean you put on your bikini and go. That would actually be a huge mistake. When Dominicans swim in the river they wear regular clothes. Shorts and tank tops. I have no idea why. 
If you go to the beach, you'll still find people in clothes but not as many. For men, basically anything goes. 

Added bonus? Here's a link to one of the most popular songs in the country right now...and the dance too...

Hope everyone is fabulous! Xoxo Kaley